Tarot Wish List: Why These Decks

One of my favorite things to do is check out tarot and oracle deck collection videos on YouTube. I kid you not; I get a notepad and pen to write down the decks. And this is how I come up with my wish list of decks. It is about a mile long.

Decks are like eye candy. They are pretty and intriguing, and I just want them all! This leads to a lot of impulse buying. I have to admit that there are decks that I own that I don’t read with or hardly read with.

There are also a lot of decks that I look at and just think “ewww!”

Recently, I bought one of my “ewww” decks. It wasn’t because of feeling left out due to the popularity of the deck. It wasn’t because everyone raves about the deck. I couldn’t stop thinking about this deck, and I couldn’t understand why.

I have worked with the deck, a little reluctantly, due to the art. But I found out that the readings with this deck are spot on and very insightful. (future blog post)

I started to rethink my wish list. As I looked through the list, many decks are on there solely for the art. I love the collage of the Voyager Tarot. The Mystic Dreamers Tarot is visually stunning. And the Tarot in Wonderland….gorgeous!!!

But would I read with them?

And I get caught up in the hype of decks. I want to have these amazing experiences with decks that others have had. Tarot of the Vampires and the Mary-El Tarot have followings practically. Some people rave about these decks.

But would I read with them?

At this point, the answers are just “maybes”. Is a “maybe” a good enough reason to buy a deck? What if there are decks that are more than “maybes” and more of “I can’t stop thinking of this deck”?

That made me think about what I had on my wish list. What are the ones that are “I can’t stop thinking of this deck”? Why can’t I stop thinking about them? Why do I want to read with these decks?

So here are the ones that made that list…


Revelations Tarot by Zack Wong (Mass Produced)

When I first heard of this deck, it piqued my interest. Right now, I am not comfortable reading reversals. But this deck does reversals in a unique way.

While the illustrations of the cards are nothing really spectacular (they are pretty), they are illustrated with the reversals in the image. It is cool to see these cards reversed.

Imagery with tarot does play a huge roll with learning and reading the cards. Yes, this is just my opinion. With the Revelations Tarot deck, you get to see that reversed meaning, in a way. I want to further my tarot skills with reversals, and I see this deck as a way to do just that.


Tyldwick Tarot by Neil Lovell (Not sure about availability, check out http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/tyldwick/                       or  http://www.malpertuis.co.uk/site/decks.html )

With imagery being so important in reading the cards, this deck hits you will the dreamiest images!

This is not a standard deck by any means. Each card is like a gateway into another world. These images can pull you in and just surround you. This deck lets you experience the cards. The mind and the intuition can just run free.

This stimulation of the mind and higher self is what I do like in a deck. This deck would be great for that depth I would be seeking in a reading.


White Witch Tarot by Maja D’Aoust (Mass produced)

This deck is crazy! All the backgrounds are black. The images are line images that are done in a way that they appear as light from the darkness. These images are somewhat surreal.

This is a deck that the intuition could have some fun with. I like the idea of doing shadow work with deck while the veil is thinning.


Heart & Hands Tarot by Liz Blackbird (available at https://www.etsy.com/listing/467551445/heart-hands-tarot-deck )

This deck is, in a way, tied for first place.

It is simple in that it is black and white. But there is wonderful detail in this deck. Now I do love rich colors in a deck, but the detail without color sometimes lets you see more. Again this is a deck that lets the intuition pick up on little clues and gives more insight into the reading. Also, while this deck is RWS based, some of the way the cards are represented still stay true to the meanings but the symbolism is slightly different.

I feel like this would just be a great deck for any reading. The cards just seem crisp and clear.

My favorite card is the Princess of Pentacles. I just love her!


The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian Wilde (available on her website: https://jilliancwilde.com/ )

I didn’t really know that is deck existed until maybe a week ago, and it is right up there with the Heart & Hands Tarot on my list.

The Truth in Story on YouTube has a walk-thru video of this deck. I noticed it as I was looking through my tarot wish list for this blog. So I decided to go and look at the deck.

Holy Shit!

The Death card is one of my favorite cards in tarot, so I have to look at it in any deck. This one was impressive. A white rose with skeletal hand coming out of the center with a butterfly near the finger tips. The Strength card is just beautiful with the Griffin (which is more lion than eagle). But The Empress is what sucked me in.

Renamed the Earth Mother, she is a very pregnant woman done in green and is seated. Instead of a head, there is a tree growing. Just suits The Empress! The deck had me!

The creator of this deck has added layers to these cards. This just gives so much more to work with, especially intuitively. There is uniqueness in the symbolism that conveys the energy of each card. This deck reminds you that you are always a student of tarot, never a master.


So that are my top decks that I really want to work with and expand my knowledge of tarot and just bring greater depth to my readings.

Have you ever thought about what is on your wish list and why? Does this make you rethink some of you choices? Let me know. I would love to hear about it. Comment below or use the hashtag #starlightstarotwishlist

Hashtag might be long, but I wanted something different so I can find you if you post about this.

Much love and many blessings ❤

*For the walk-thru of the Naked Heart Tarot from Kelly (The Truth In Story):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCWv2WYlZiY

**You can find me on instagram @starlightsgifts



Depression and Tarot Practices: How to Maintain Your Practice When Feeling Helpless

Disclaimer: This is not a treatment for depression. Depression is an extremely serious mental illness and should be treated by a professional. This post is only about some ways to maintain a tarot practice while suffering from depression.

Depression is something many have and will experience in their lives. Some will have a life-long battle with depression. I have suffered from depression at multiple times in my life, and those things that matter most have always suffered due to it.

You don’t want to think about things or do them. And chances are that you are too tired to do them anyway. Motivation can take a serious hit!

What does that mean for a tarot practice?

Recently, I have been suffering from depression for the better part of a year. I didn’t want to do anything. I just played Facebook and phone games. I didn’t want to really do any readings or daily draws. I was afraid that I was done with tarot.

But I’m still going at it. A little studying. A reading or simple draw every once-in-awhile. How did I get out of this slump? How did I keep the desire to work with the cards alive?

I went through my decks.

Now, I admit that it took a few days from the time I thought about it until I actually did it. I pulled out my decks and looked at them, one card at a time. I put most of them back in order.

Looking at my decks brought me a moment of joy. I was falling in love the art and symbolism all over again.

Find a tarot Facebook group.

I’m actually a member of a couple of tarot groups: Tarot Nerds and Tarot with Scissors.

With Tarot Nerds, I do post and comment, but not always. On Tarot with Scissors, I’m pretty much just a lurker.

And it is alright to be a lurker. It is just nice to see the posts and possibly have a laugh or two. This can make you happy in the moment. It also takes little or no effort. Just get on the computer or pull out your cell phone.


This really helped me. I wasn’t really into doing any readings, so I didn’t pull out any books. I just wasn’t interested. And for a while, I wasn’t into the videos. But, before I knew it, there was a deck collection video. I had to watch!

Seeing the decks that are out there, listening to people talk about their decks and tarot in general, can help you engage in tarot. Before I knew it, I was taking notes of decks to add to my wish list or rethinking what a specific card’s meaning was.

Not into videos? Search for podcasts. Anything to bring tarot back to the forefront of your mind.

Invest in one of those fluffy, “nice washed”, hug decks.

When I’m depressed and see the 10 of Swords or the 3 of Swords or the 5 of Pentacles, I just want to crawl back into bed! I am just not in the right state of mind to handle an impaled heart or person. I might just look at it and figure, “I’m fucked!”

But there are decks out there without this, at times harsh, imagery.

Katey Flowers (YouTube channel of the same name) did a video about this. She saw the term “nice washed” in the thread of a post on Facebook. Some thought of the Wild Unknown Tarot as “nice washed”…what?

Kelly on her YouTube channel, The Truth in Story, did a response to Katey Flowers and talked about “hug decks”.

Basically, both YouTubers discussed how that there were times, and still are times, in their lives where they cannot handle the traditional symbolism of tarot or the darker themed decks. There are times, when they are emotionally fragile, that they need something lighter.

I know, I know…Doreen Virtue decks are sometimes “poo-poo’ed”, but these decks and decks like them serve a purpose. And by the way, those she did with Radleigh Valentine are being published with just his name.

The Angel Tarot, The Fairy Tarot, The Animal Tarot, and the Guardian Angel Tarot are all very gentle but get their meanings across. I have all four. The Animal Tarot is my 3 year-old nephew’s favorite. They do not use the terms Death or The Devil or even Judgement. But the meaning is still there.

Not your style? Check out the Whimsical Tarot, The Good Tarot, The Happy Tarot, or The Gummy Bear Tarot. These decks are either gentle, will make you giggle, or both.

And these are just a few. I’m sure if you did a little googling, you would find more.

The most important thing is to remember to not be hard on yourself. 

Just try. Do what you can, when you can. Keep that spark going until you can build that fire back up. If tarot brought you joy before, it can and will again.

Much love and blessings!


Check In: What Happened in July & Plans for August

What did happen in July? Did I do what I had planned? Hell NO!

The energy of July was a nightmare! I think that this Mars retrograde is trying to kill me. I’m super sensitive and anxious. And what was worse…NO ENERGY! The heat didn’t help at all!

While I had hoped to do more in July, I did get a couple of posts done. The Depression and Spiritual Practices post was hard. I struggle with this. I plan on writing up the Depression and Tarot Practice post either today or tomorrow.

No, I didn’t read anything. I did very little tarot. But I did get all my altars redone. Those pics are on my instagram. What? Wait! Instagram? Yes! I finally got a new cell phone last month. I’m @starlightsgifts

I also got a few decks. I got an oracle deck, Amy Brown’s Fairy Wisdom Deck. As for tarot, I got the Mystic Faerie Tarot. Mine is actually the older version and is borderless!!! I also snatched up a copy of a classic, the Morgan Greer Tarot (in the tin). Another tin deck, the Zillich Tarot. Damn, it is so beautiful! Finally, I picked up a copy, from eBay, of the Healing Light Tarot. I have not been that excited while looking through a deck ever. I love the images.

And I made a friend with an owl. Poor thing! I thought it was wild, but it turned out that it was raised by someone. That heartless, douche decided to let it go and figured it would be fine. A Wildlife Rehab in my area was able to catch it. They don’t think it will be able to be re-released. It doesn’t know how to hunt and care for itself. They will find a good home for it. Lesson: never take in orphaned wild animals, call the proper people.

As for August…

I’m still working with a deck from last month. It is a secret (and a future post!). I also want to really start looking into the Thoth system. I do have the pocket version of the Thoth. Now I have the Zillich Tarot and will look also at the Tarot of the Spirit and Haindl Tarot. I will be looking and comparing all four together.

I’m also trying to avoid deck buying…too late! I have a deck on the way. It is not an oracle or a tarot….

I’m trying to use this “no decks” as a motivator to quit smoking. It is scary as hell. I have done it in the past. And when you think about the cost, three packs of cigs are like a copy of the Mary-El Tarot. That expensive!!! Ugly habit that I need to release!

Hope anyone interested will check me out on instagram (again it is @starlightsgifts) and stay tuned for the posts on Depression and Tarot Practice. I have another post in mind that really made me think about my deck buying…

Much love and many blessings.

Depression and Spiritual Practices: How to Maintain Your Practice While Shrouded in Darkness

Disclaimer: This is not a treatment for depression. Depression is an extremely serious mental illness and should be treated by a professional. This post is only about some ways to maintain a spiritual practice while suffering from depression.


As an individual that has had to deal with depression for the majority of my life, I can say that trying to maintain any level of normalcy can be difficult or feel impossible.

I have seen it come up in the both the tarot and spiritual community the question of how to maintain these practices while suffering from depression. This may seem like a strange question to someone who has not suffered from long-term depression. The issue with depression is that it isn’t just emotionally and mentally exhausting, it takes its toll physically as well.

Simply put, depression is a Dementor. Ron Weasley stated it best when he first encountered a Dementor, “…like I would never be cheerful again…”

Depression puts you in a darkness that is cold and frightening. I know I have no motivation, no desire to do anything. And on top of that, I will be so tired. But despite this, I try my damnedest to do something, anything that will make me feel, if only for that moment, like normal.

So these might sound simple, but can be very difficult for someone with depression.

Go Outside

If only for a minute or two. Smell the air, feel the sun (or the rain) upon your face, listen to sounds of nature.

This little thing can help with connecting on the most basic level with a spiritual practice. It can bring just that moment of joy of being one with life.

Open Up Your Windows

If going outside is too much, open up the windows of your home (or apartment or whatever) for either a few minutes or longer. Let that fresh air cleanse your home. You will still be able to listen to the sounds of nature coming from outside.

Again this is just connecting on that basic level. But it can be difficult to even go out your door when depressed.

Look Upon The Moon and The Stars

This is for a deeper connection with your spirituality. And I am talking here from a pagan standpoint.

The moon plays a very important role in many pagan spiritual practices. It is a connection that can be easily lost. But just by gazing at the beauty of the Moon (and the Goddess) and maybe asking for Her blessings and peace, you have really done something very meaningful in a spiritual sense (again, this seems simple but can be difficult).

Burn Some Incense

It is a common enough practice that is easy to forget. The incense can connect us with Spirit/the Universe/Deity quite easily. Incense is also cleansing. This is by far one of my go-to’s. If I am feeling really bad, I just light up some incense. I feel the weight leave me, if only for a sort time. I do feel joy with the scent filling my room.

And incense is usually pretty easy to get. I know, I can just run up to the little corner convenience store (maybe 2 minute drive) and get Nag Champa for about $2.

Light a Candle

Regardless of whether or not I am depressed, I notice that the energy gets very heavy when I am not burning candles regularly. The flame almost seems to “burn” that heavy energy and brings up the vibrations around me.

If you feel that way, then light a candle. See it as the light within the darkness. This might seem a little more difficult to do. I know that I have to be in the mindset that this is good for me. I will still do it out of habit. I will also use incense at the same time to really build some sort of spiritual mood in my home.

Don’t Forget about Crystals

Work with your crystals. If you don’t have a specific crystal, clear quartz can be used for anything. Keep a piece in your pocket or near you. Grab it as you need to and feel that connection with Spirit.

Sometimes I will forget that I have a crystal in my pocket until I reach in. Then I find some comfort in that moment.


As I stated before, these are not treatments for depression. These are just small ways to feel connect to your spiritual practice. When you are suffering from depression, the Universe/Divinity knows this. They will not expect detailed, hours long rituals from you. They just want that tiny moment with you.

If you have any other ideas, please share. Sometimes, even with treatment for depression, it can feel like your life was passing you by. These can help someone feel like they are still engaged with life while dealing with depression.

Much love and many blessings

*This wasn’t easy for me to write, but if it helps…wonderful!*

Shadow Self: Facing Darkness in order to see the Light

Right off the bat I will state this…this is not a post that goes into detail of what the “shadow” is nor will it tell you how to go about working with your shadow self.

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook where someone got very upset about this topic and the idea of “blaming” the shadow. This did stem from videos that are going around YouTube where people are discussing their own person work with their shadow selves.

I will say, I have not watched these videos yet. And I will explain that in a moment.

All I want to do here is to alleviate some of that fear that comes up.

So what is “The Shadow”….

The “shadow“, “Id“, or “shadow aspect/archetype” may refer to (1) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or (2) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the “dark side”.-Wikipedia (Shadow (psychology))

Everyone has a shadow aspect to themselves. So why does it matter and why is it scary?


It is part of who we are. 

No one wants to thing they have a dark side. Thank George Lucas for that! But we do. It isn’t evil. That is where our conditioning, we experienced as we grew up, goes. That is where our traumas go. That is where everything we have been told isn’t acceptable goes. And it will sit and fester. It is ugly.

Think of the “Portrait of Dorian Grey”. Every evil, shitty thing Dorian did became a part of his portrait. And to look upon that image would destroy him and the illusion of who he was outwardly.

It is the stuff we don’t want to really face ourselves.

Face your shadow when you are ready

Truth is, many can never face that part of themselves. I think that when someone does do “shadow work” and deals with these issues about who they are, it is liberating. They are excited that they have taken that journey. But like any journey, you must be prepared.

If you were to meet me right now and I told you that I was going to climb Everest next month, you would think, “you’re going to die!” And you would probably be right. I am not in any shape to take on that endeavor!

Our shadow self is in some ways our Everest. We must be at a place, emotionally and mentally, to handle revisiting that darkness within. That is why I have not done much shadow work lately. That is why I have not watched the videos. Due to extreme stress, linked with depression, I am not in shape for such a journey.

And that is ok. Don’t do what you are not ready for.

Blaming your shadow is blaming yourself

It is a part of you. That is why it is hard to face. You might want to beat yourself up. Don’t. Shadow work is facing a part of yourself to make it better.

Here is an edit to this: I do not blame myself for what I have experience. But I have to be held accountable for my reactions due to it. My mother and my aunt were both victims of childhood sexual assault. I do not blame them for that. I did blame them for the abuses they inflicted on their own children due to this trauma. How we react is on us. It is a bitter pill to take, but it is what separates victims (and that victim mentality) from survivors.

It is interesting. To take on shadow work is really embracing the energy of The Hermit card from tarot. To face your shadows and put them in the proper place is really what the Judgment card is all about…own your shit, learn from it, become a better person!


Finally thought…this can be a very upsetting subject. But life isn’t all love and light and unicorns! There is always darkness. And we all must face darkness to appreciate the light.

So, if you don’t like being faced with this idea of the shadow or shadow work, shelf it! Come to it when you are in a stable place to face it. And don’t dwell on it. Honestly, you have been living with it your whole life as is, it can wait until you are truly ready. Don’t be ashamed if you can’t face it.

My rant is over. Much love and blessings to you all.





To Shop Local or To Not Shop Local, That is the Question

So recently in a FB group, a somewhat heated discussion was going on about buying tarot decks from a local metaphysical store or just order online. The one posting prefers the latter due to expense.

While I did comment, I think it might have been a little harsh. So here are some thoughts about should you buy local or from someplace like Amazon.

Be Grateful

I started my tarot journey and pagan path over 25 years ago. Most books on witchcraft or paganism were from Llewellyn Publishing. While you could order directly from them via phone, you had to buy a book to get the information. And where could that book be found? Bookstores and witchy/metaphysical shops.

There was no Amazon. There was on ordering online. There wasn’t much in the way of internet. And choices were always limited at these stores.

Be grateful for how much we have now. The community is now global. We can get access to all these things now, especially in areas that had literally no choices like the Bible Belt of the U.S.  And you can even access all this through your smart phone. No smart phones way back when.

This has been a real game change, in a good way and in a not-so good way. Which leads me to my second point…

The Internet does hurt small businesses

How many small business have closed their doors near you recently? Do you do Black Friday shopping or shop Cyber Monday?

The Internet has made it much easier to find just about anything you want. Click add to cart, hit checkout, and, before you know it, your order is on its way.

It use to be convenient to run to a little shop for something, but most don’t have the selection that the internet has to offer. And yes, shops are usually more expensive.

It is becoming increasing more difficult for this shops to compete.

Internet prices are lower due to volume

I don’t know exactly how Amazon works. They may have contracts with wholesalers to bring prices down so Amazon can sell for less. But from my experience working retail, increased volume of sales means more profit.

Amazon probably sells more tarot decks in a week than most shops can sell in a year! If you can sell large quantities of product, you can decrease the mark up and still make a profit. A small business cannot do this. They will not have the volume of sales.

Everyone is trying to make a profit

I was just checking out the Mary-El Tarot on Amazon. They have it listed for about $28. The price they have crossed out is $39.99. At most shops that have the Mary-El, you will find it for around $40 or more.

My guess, from my experience in retail, is that the publishers sell that deck to retailers for around $20 or less. I’m guessing less. Amazon is doing about a $10 mark up. But that shop is selling it for over $40!

The shop has to pay the shipping on their order. They have to have a retailers’ license in order to buy wholesale. They have to usually pay for their order at the time or within a month, which is likely before the product has moved. Since they don’t move the volume that Amazon would, they likely do about a 50% mark up. That way they can make a profit and keep products on their shelves and pay all the expenses of the business.

“But it is still too expensive to go to a shop. Why shouldn’t I buy from Amazon?”

Until now, I have just stated how things were and why things are the way they are now. And yes, I do buy from Amazon. But why do I still buy from metaphysical shops?

Small Business owners are our neighbors

Why do I still go about once a month or so to all the local shops in my town? These are my neighbors. Yes, I live in a small town. One of my favorite shops is owned and operated by a woman I use to bowl with in a Friday night league. I know her brother and mother.

These are people you might run into while grocery shopping or at your child’s school. These are members of your community that know about how wonderful your community is and the struggles in that community.

Like you, they buy from other small businesses in town. And, like you, they also have to save money and buy online.

When you take all of it into consideration, your whole community keeps each other housed and fed.


I hope you all just keep these things in mind when you visit any small business. And sometimes, spend a few dollars more locally. They are just trying to make ends meet, just like you.


Love to all of you, especially the self-employed! Blessings everyone.





Confidence: Key to Learning and Reading Tarot

Why did I stop learning tarot some 20+ years ago? I was overwhelmed. I felt I could never memorize the meanings of the 78 cards. And on top of that, they have reverse meanings…What the Hell?!?!?

My second deck, The Quick and Easy Tarot, had the upright and reversed meanings on each card. But I still had a lot of doubt that I could ever learn tarot. So I shelved my two decks and wouldn’t pull them out again for almost twenty years.

What I’ve learned since is that confidence is really the key to learning tarot or any form of cartomancy. I gained this confidence by approaching the cards differently this time around.

How did I go about gaining this confidence:

Take Your Time

I’m a perfectionist. No, this is never a good thing. When I first started out, I wanted to know everything about tarot NOW! That isn’t how it works. There are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck with multiple meanings for each card. I don’t care what anyone says, no one is going to learn them overnight.

Give yourself time. Look up the meanings. Work with each card. Get to know what it looks like, how the illustrations on each card relate to the meanings. It will start to come to you…in time.

Doubt is a confidence killer. Pushing too hard will cause you to doubt yourself. You can do it…in time.


Ok, I suck at journaling. But I do my best and keep trying. Writing down my thoughts about each card I draw, copying (yes, copying) the meanings helped with learning.

Journaling doesn’t sound appealing to you? Write a story about what you see in each card. Write a poem about each card. Think about a song that you think embodies the meaning of the card and state why.

Not interested too much in writing? Do art. Sketch, paint, collage your own interpretation of the card and the meaning. And some key words that are relatable to you.

Whatever you need to do to help you learn the cards and get comfortable with them will build your confidence.

Get a Deck You Really Like

Now, many might not agree with this approach, but hear me out.

Many who have worked with tarot for a long time will make suggestions that one should start with a Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck. I believe this is due to hind sight. I sort of started with a RWS deck. The Quick and Easy Tarot is basically the RWS with the meanings on the cards. But when I got back into tarot a few years ago, I figured I needed a true RWS deck.

I hate the RWS. I don’t care at all for the artwork. Most versions have terrible colors. I don’t ever want to work with it.

So, in hind sight, I realize that having a deck that the artwork appeals to me is my best bet.

Having a deck that you really enjoy pulling out and looking at, means that you are more likely to work with the deck. Wanting to work with a deck helps build up your confidence, because you want to do the work. It might mean doing a little extra work with journaling and taking a little more time with that deck, but it will be worth it.

Having Good Reference Material for Learning

The reason that so many recommend the RWS is for this very reason. Most books and websites base their information on this deck. But what if you don’t like the RWS?

If the deck you want is based on these meanings and/or is a clone of the RWS (which just means that the cards have similar illustrations and symbolism to that deck), then these resource will help you learn and build your confidence with your deck.

If not, get a deck you love with a companion book that goes into detail about each card and the various meanings to get you started. Not sure which decks have such companion books? YouTube is a great place to go. If you search for videos (or blogs on the internet) for best beginner decks, you will find a lot of recommendations. Yes, they will always recommend the RWS, but some also recommend decks not based on the RWS for this very reason, the companion book is excellent for learning tarot.

Sometimes having just keywords with no explanation can cause feelings of doubt. Knowing that you have some where to turn when you get stumped on a card will help you from becoming overwhelmed.

Start Out Small

Another area that can cause you to feel overwhelmed and make you begin to doubt yourself is doing a tarot spread.

Almost everyone thinks of the Celtic Cross when they think of a tarot card reading. I use to try the Celtic Cross. Know how I felt while doing the reading? Like shit! I had to look up meanings. I was trying to relate the different positions to each other. And most of the time, I would have to look the same card up multiple times. It was frustrating, but I figured this was the spread people who read tarot do.

“Go big or go home” does not apply to tarot. Start small. Do single card draws or 3-card spreads. Most little white books (LWB), tarot books, and tarot websites will have smaller spreads. Yes, they will almost always have the Cross or some variation of it as well.

It is alright to take baby steps. Remember you are learning. This goes hand-in-hand with taking your time with tarot.

Honorable mentions: Reversals, Symbolism

I just wanted to add these. These can be confidence killers.

You don’t need to do reversals in your readings right out of the gate. You already are trying to get comfortable with 78 cards. You don’t need to add 78 reverse meanings. If a card is reversed in a reading and you keep a journal, make a note of it and flip it around. When you are comfortable, then you can venture out to the realm of reversals.

And with symbolism…

Some of the symbolism is very specific. You will learn it as you go. Some decks have very different symbolism for their cards and the meanings are the same. While journaling, maybe note the symbolism. What does the symbolism suppose to mean, what does it mean to you, and maybe what symbolism comes to mind for the meaning of that card. This is exploration. Don’t think you have to be an occult expert to understand the symbolism. Symbolism is really subjective.

These are just a few ways to help build confidence with tarot. It breaks my heart, when someone who is enthusiastic about learning tarot and just got their first deck is told it isn’t a good choice. Right there, their confidence takes a hit.

It has been from my own experiences that building my confidence with the cards has helped me to keep going on my tarot journey. Sometimes I did get burnt out. I would take a break from the cards, read blogs, watch videos, and then come back to it. Then I would have an “a-ha” moment and my confidence would get another boost.

Remember that the key to learning tarot is feeling confident in yourself and your abilities.

Much love and many blessings